CRIJ Normandie, offers 2 ESC placements starting from 8th September 2021 for 9 months.

The cultural association "Compagnia teatrale Corrado d'Elia", located in Milan (Lombardy Region), would like to be involved in a project in order to partecipate to a call for proposal in the field of Culture and Theatre.

Compagnia Corrado d'Elia is one of the most popular and critically acclaimed theatre companies in Italy.

If you think that the association could be a partner in a project, please contact the responsible of organization.

The Social services Agency of the Province of Lodi (Lombardy Region) is interested to get in touch with project leaders or with consortium in Europe in order to participate to the Daphne Call - Action grants to support transnational projects to combat sexual harrassment and sexual violence against women - JUST/2015/RDAP/AG/SEXV with deadline 13th october 2015.

The Agency (it represents 62 local municipalities) manages the strategic planning tool called "Piano di Zona" which aims to realize an integrated systems of measures and social services into Lodi area.

Dear collegues,

Institute “Saluzzo-Plana” of Alessandria - Piedmont - Italy urgently seeks partners for the following project:

Programme "Erasmus +"

Action: KA2


Dear partners

The Asociation "Margenes y Vínculos" in Algeciras would like to be involved in a  partnerships project related to:
Action grants to support transnational projects on children as
victims of bullying at school, in residential care settings and in
Deadline: 20 february.
The main objective of this project is to ensure the protection of minors who are victims of bullying and cyberbullying situations and channeling efforts towards intervention with juvenile stalkers and other observers
 Could you  send this to  associations ( NGOs working to prevent child abuse, Educational NGOs, parents NGOs and Youth Associations) in your area?  Thank you in advance.

Noelia Sanchez Castillo 
(ED Campo de Gibraltar-Spain)

Secondary Yordan Yovkov school is in Kardzhali, a small town with rich history in the south-east of Bulgaria. There  are 626 students taught by 60 teachers and counselors in 11 primary classes, 8 upper-primary classes and 8 secondary classes. Our secondary students are studying business management - 4 classes,  and another 4 classes are studying biology. Primary students are at the age from 6 to10, upper-primary students - 10-14, secondary students - 14-19. We are looking for co-ordinator partners in the Environmental, Crosscurriculum and Cultural diversity areas. We have some experience in working on projects in these areas, but we have never been partners in Erasmus+ projects or LLL projects. We know we can be useful and desparately want to find partners. Please contact us.

Call: Call JUST/2014/RCHI/AG/PROF: Action grants to promote and protect the rights of the child by supporting transnational projects aiming to build capacity for professionals in child protection systems and judicial professionals representing children in judicial proceedings

Title: Ri-impara
Leader: Municipality of Vercelli – Social Policies
Area: Child protection
Overall objective: The project aims at supporting capacity building for legal, social, health workers and the policy representing children in judicial proceedings.
1)Specific objectives; To increase multidisciplinary capacity building for professionals working in North Piedmont Area (Vercelli, Biella, Novara e Verbano -Cusio -Ossola)
2)To create an innovative training system

Project ”The regions of Europe with Sport” included in the Programme Erasmus+ Sports. http://www.fundacionmiguelcaballero.org/

The project consists in looking for volunteers that representing different regions of Europe, to stay with us for a given period of time, in the high hamlets of Lorca. 

BUZZMEDIA Association is a non-governmental organization established in Romania, in Botosani county. Its aim is to identify, to represent, to help and to promote the interests of children, young and old people.
BUZZMEDIA Association wants to develop a project (Erasmus+) for 13 to 18 years old people, interested in mass-media. Our association edits a monthly newspaper for children, written by children and teenagers. We wish through this project to extend and develop our activities with other organizations in the same domain to edit, at the end, a journalism training manual for children. We want this journalism training manual to reflect the experiences of little reporters from countries included in this project. At this moment, the Romanian school does not have a journalism course and  mass media is a domain for the future. BUZZMEDIA Association wants to replace this deficit from Romanian and European Schools.

За повече информация можете да посетите интернет страница на полското Министрество на икономиката (http://www.exporter.gov.pl ), където могат да се регистрират и запитвания.

На интернет страницата www.sofia.trade.gov.pl (Отдел за промоция на търговията и инвестициите при Посолство на Република Полша в София) можете да намерите информация по въпроси, отнасящи се до търговския обмен между Полша и България.

B-LIVE International Network is urgently looking for 2 participants from FRANCE, ITALY, BULGARIA and NORWAY to come to sunny Spain for a CONTACT MAKING SEMINAR about Social Entrepreneurship. Arrival day is 3rd-4th July 2013, please spread this information among your colleagues that may be interested. It is really really important, some partners just dropped out with no reason.
Dates: from 3rd to 9th of July 2013
Call for Bulgarian participants
Name: "Traditional Crafts=Mordern Businesses"
Place: Romania, Transylvanian hillside village of Meresti.  
Date: 10.08.-20.08.2013
Partner Search from the City of Murcia focused on encouraging young entrepreneurs to gain experience in an international context by involving them in an exchange with enterprises in other countries.The proposal will be submitted to the  ERASMUS FOR YOUNG ENTREPRENEURS programme.

The “E.Vanoni” is a secondary school specializing in technical, economic and technological studies. There are three main courses for accountants (with different skills in the field of I.T. or marketing/languages) and surveyors. The school is situated on the south-east coast of the Salento, in the Apulia region, in the province of Lecce (on the south-east coast of Italy)..

Best regards,

From Social Action, Action Against Hunger Spain (ACH-E), we are implementing a project Leonardo Mobility. The overall objective of this project is to train in English 10 young entrepreneurs through a stay up to to two months (8 weeks) in different European countries.
ACH-E has launched in 2013 a project to strengthen through training and technical assistance to 12 NGOs working entrepreneurship. The aim is to strengthen counseling and support these NGOs engaged with their users, entrepreneurs.

European sharing of non-formal and informal learning
Lifelong Learning Programme
Grundtvig Learning Partnership
− Assessment, certification, valuing learning
− Co-operation in the area of transparency instruments in VET
(ECVET, EQF, Europass)
− Recognition of non-formal and informal learning
− European citizenship and European dimension

Romanian Association of Sociology (ASR) is a non-governmental organization engaged since 1990 - the year that was founded - sociologists community support activities in Romania. ASR had a special role in the development of projects with academic, research, publishing etc.

The “Maison Familiale Rurale” (mfr) of La Capelle (France 02260) a town of one thousand eight hundred and seventy-seven inhabitants, is located in the heart of Thiérache, department of Aisne, Picardy. The school was created for the children of families who came generally from the agricultural sector.

Search for partnership in the framework of the European Programme Leonardo Da Vinci.
My name is ms. Dragomir Carmen I have 20 years experience in education, I am ICT teacher and Deputy Manager at high school.
I attended at Comenius and Grundtvig projects - individual mobility (2010-2012).
I want to involve schools' teachers and our students in EU projects.

A.S. Puskin - a public school- in Romania, situated in Braila is seeking for partners in a COMENIUS programm.

C.F.I. Gabriel Pérez Cárcel is a learning center which integrates disabled people and non disabled people. We have ordinary classes with students from 3 to 16 years old. We cover all the levels of Spanish Compulsory Secondary Education (from Primary to Secondary Education). We have 9 open classrooms for students with special needs. We are located in Murcia, a city with a population of about 440.000, in the south east of Spain. We are very dynamic and enthusiastic people.

The state financed school CC LA FLOTA MURCIA is located in one of the urban growing areas from Murcia and it has an easy access to the main places in the city, thanks to the inter-city buses, the tram and so on. Moreover, this area is equipped with some facilities which make the area really comfortable like sport centres, parks, medical centers, state schools, hotels and all kind of businesses.

Partner search request within the framework of Europe for citizens Programme – Measure 3, support for project initiated by civil society organisations.

The Volunteering Support Centres (CSV) of Monza and Brianza looks for partners in Europe for the project “EXCHANGES OF EXPERIENCE BETWEEN EUROPEAN COUNTRIES ON THE SYSTEM OF POLICIES FOR EMPLOYABILITY  YOUTH”, in order to participate in the next call for proposal of the Programme (deadline 1st february 2013).

AEQUITAS,  an NGO based in Cyprus is currently searching for partners to participate in current and upcoming EU Calls for Proposal. AEQUITAS works to promote human rights education, intercultural education and citizenship education. It is interested in participating as partner in all these areas as well as the wide human rights framework. AEQUITAS has experience as lead and partner in European Commission projects and Council of Europe projects.

The Volunteering Support Centres (CSV) of Monza and Brianza looks for partners in Europe for their project “Teaching voluntary” in order to participate in the next call for proposal of the Programme (deadline 31st January 2013).



This idea wants to join European schools in a cinematographic project to show differents aspects of the Euroepan culture. In this film, the schools will have to work in the typical aspects of a film: storyboard, screenplay, soundtrack... The plot will use, like the key point of the film, the popular monuments and sites, and it will mention famous related to the culture of each country (writers, painters...). In this way, pupils grow their the knowledges about a lot of European countries.



a)     Cultural exchange between the pupils, parents and teachers involved in the project, promoting the communication between different countries y and finding the beauty in the cultural exchange. It will opens the doors to the new educational system  to become Europe in a continent connected like only one country.

b)     Understand English is the basic language in Europe. The pupils will learn English in a real situation using it in a lot of differents activities involved in the film.

c)      The use of the new technologies. This kind of education is essencial  in the learning nowaday.

d)     Communication between pupils, parents and teacher. in English.



a)     Select the culture elements from each country will appear in the film.

b)     Write the screenplay in English.

c)      Compose the soundtrack.

d)     Draw the storyboard.

e)     Edit the film.

f)       Write the subtitles.

g)     Design the DVD cover.

h)     Create a Comenius Corner.

i)       Design a pet.


For futher information contact:
Manuel Canteras

Търсим участник за одобрен проект по програма на Европейската комисия "Младежта в действие",дейност-2 ЕДС,  в Румъния, град Калараси (Calarasi). Проектът започва на 1ви май и е с продължителност 6 месеца. Доброволецът ще живее там и ще участва в международен проект с тема активно гражднаство, насърчаване на доброволчеството в местния Младежки център. Работният език е английски.
Project name: " Heroe or Pirate, make your decision "
Age: Infant and Primary students (3-12 years)
Duration: September 2011 - June 2013

This Project will provide our students with a ticket for an amazing travel to a past full of treason and courage. Through the lives of the most legendary heroes in different countries, they will learn about history, geography, culture, astronomy, biology, music and law, among other subjects.


- One of the most important aims of this project is to promote a methodology of research and let the students form an opinion based on facts, historical background and their knowledge of the different law systems in each country.

- Learn about the European countries involved in the project, their history and cultural feeling.

For more information, please find the document attached.
Contact person:
Project name: "Fairy Tales and Songs Withouth Barriers"
Age: Infant and Primary students (3-12 years)
Description and Objectives:
-T o take advantage of the different European cultural backgrounds to elaborate tools and resources to help teacher when giving individual attention to all of our students in general, being specially valuable when dealing with students with special needs.
-T o elaborate material that later could be translated into Augmentative Communication Systems.
For more information, please find the document attached.
Contact person:

Partner search from the Union of Municipalities of Gallura, in the north-east of Sardinia , an area of great tourist interest and activities due to the presence of Costa Smeralda and other world-famous sea sites (but also rural landscapes, traditional villages and archeological sites).

The Union, which can as well mobilize the other relevant stakeholders in the area, would like to join the consortium of an European project focused preferably on one of these themes: tourism related issues, local/rural development, environment protection, energy efficiency, job creation.

For further information please see the attachment or contact Valeria Schirru ()

Europe Direct Odenwaldkreis is helping the "Spinach for Popeye"-Project to find some new european partners.


Spinach for Popeye is an international workers exchange programme. The key focus of the programme is the transition years from school into employment for vulnerable young people who may be experiencing difficulties at school and / or at home or in the community.


For more information please follow the links below and keep in contact with:


Maria Zeitler
Odenwald Regional Council, Youth Office

Telefon-Zentrale 06062 70 0

Telefon-Durchwahl 06062 70 462

Telefax: 06062 70 401



The deadline to answer is 23th August.



New Partner Information - Beschreibung Spinach 2010-2016
Presentation new partners spinach englishPDF
Statement of Intent 2009



Students and teachers from a secondary school in  Poland are looking for a school in another European country to cooperate with. Our school is located in Pabianice, a medium-sized town in the centre of the country. There are around 400 students, aged 16-19, who study in two profiles: comprehensive and technical. Technical classes specialize in hotel & catering, logistics or accounting. All students learn English and German and would be happy to get to know their peers, write to them and take part in student exchange. The teachers would like to swap information and experiences with their foreign colleagues.

Looking forward to your reply.

Best wishes

Students and teachers from Secondary School Number 3 in Pabianice

Contact person Dorota Wróblewska



Hallo Freunde,


Die Schüler und Lehrer einer Mittelschule aus Polen suchen Schüler und Lehrer einer Schule in Europa oder noch weiter um Kontakte zu schließen.

Unsere Schule liegt in Pabianice im Zentrum von Polen.

Sie hat etwa 400 Schüler im Alter von 16 bis 19 Jahren, die hauptsächlich auf zwei Gebieten gebildet werden. Das sind das technische Gebiet und das allgemeinbildende Gebiet.

Die Schüler des Technikums werden zum Beruf des Hoteliers,des Buchhalters und des Transportspezialisten vorbereitet.

Alle Schüler lernen Deutsch und Englisch und sie wären glücklich, wenn sie ihre Freunde finden, kennen lernen könnten und auch nähere Kontakte (Brief oder Mail - Wechsel) schließen könnten.

Die Lehrer möchten natürlich gern ihre Erfahrungen wechseln.

Wir würden uns auch sehr freuen, wenn wir in der Zukunft eventuell einen Schüleraustausch organisieren könnten.

Wir hoffen, dass jemand uns schreibt und erwarten ungeduldig Eurer Antwort.

Herzliche Grüße,

die Schüler und Lehrer der Gesamtoberschule Nr 3

Pabianice, Polen.

Kontakt Person  Mariola Morawska 


We would be grateful if you could disseminate this partner search on your region. The Special School CEE SAN CRISTOBAL, in Avilés, Asturias (north of Spain), is interested in taking part in a Comenius project and it is looking for suitable partners. The main objective of the Project is to share experiences about work with pupils with Special Needs (ages 3-21) . For more details please see attached document or contact:  Mª JESÚS PINO FERNÁNDEZ
The Special School CEE LATORES, in Oviedo, Asturias (north of Spain), is interested in developing a Comenius project and it is looking for suitable partners. The main objective of the Project is to share experiences about work with pupils with Special Needs (ages 3-21) . For more details please see attached document or contact:  Fernando Álvarez Fernández Novo " ' + path + '\'' + prefix + ':' + addy97399 + '\'>'+ addy_text97399+ '<\/a>'); //-->\n
The aim is to get to know each other’s customs, traditions, ways of living. We consider that we are all European citizens but we still need to know our different customs and traditions, and learn from all of them, because our diverse cultures make Europe a richer Community.

The idea is that the participating students present their towns and regions to the others, showing a bit of history, customs and traditions, gastronomy and what they consider interesting to get to know the people from the area they come from or the area they live in. This should be done in several foreign languages, since in Europe there are a lot of languages, and using them our participants can practise the foreign languages they are learning or have learnt and want to practise.

The language used would be English, German, Italian, French or Spanish.

*Our institution: *The EOI A Coruña is located in the north west of Spain in a town called A Coruña, which belongs to an autonomous region called Galicia.*The EOI A Coruña* (National Language School) is an institution dedicated to teach and learn languages, so we are constantly in touch with other cultures but want to learn more form real people. At present we teach English, French, German, Italian, Arabic, Russian, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Gallician and Spanish for foreigners.

*Contact person*: Susana Aldao

Phone number: +34 677618799

The city council of San Javier in Murcia (south-east of Spain) is keen to join a partnership for a project in the Cultural and the Scenic Arts field. This municipality celebrates every year on spring (april) a street arts festival called IMAGINA ("Imagine" in English) - www.imaginasanjavier.blogspot.com. This festival is open to every artistic initiative leaded by the own citizenship, because its essence is to be a space for expresión of the citizenship.

They are looking for a group already working on a project idea.  The calls in which this festival could participate could be the following:

  • Culture- 2010 call, for plurianual proposals, etc.
  • Other terrritorial cooperation calls open to artistic or culture proposals like, for example, ENPI CBC Med.

The secondary school IES 'Romano García' from Lorquí, south-east of Spain (Mediterranean coast), would be interested in joining a Comenius multilateral Association.

For futher information and/ or expression of interest, please contact Mrs. Beatriz Lacalle
If you want to join them, please write:




Кои сме ние
ЕВРОПА ДИРЕКТНО в Стара Загора е член на мрежата ЕВРОПА ДИРЕКТНО в България, която от своя страна е част от група центрове EUROPE DIRECT, разположени в цяла Европа. Благодарение на тези центрове гражданите имат достъп до Европа и могат да участват в дебати за бъдещето на ЕС. Мрежата се ръководи от Европейската комисия.

Можете да ни задавате въпроси за политиките, програмите и приоритетите на ЕС и да се включите в мероприятия за бъдещето на ЕС.

Освен това посещаваме училищата, където правим презентации, организираме дискусии за ЕС и осигуряваме официални публикации.

Предоставяните от нас услуги са безплатни за участващите граждани.

Имайте предвид, че не предлагаме правни консултации, нито тълкуване на законодателството на ЕС.

За да получите повече информация за центровете в държавите — членки на ЕС, включително в България, щракнете тук.

Свържете се с нас


Адрес: ул. „Ген. Столетов“ №127

Телефон: 042 605 007


Работно време

Понеделник -четвъртък: 09:00-12:30 / 13:30-18:00

Петък: 9:00-12:30 / 13:30-17:00

Социални медии





Електронната книга „Европейски приказки под липите" е второ допълнено издание. Първата версия е създадена в рамките на EUROWEEK 2010 STARA ZAGORA. Изтеглете книгата в различни формати за електронни устройства:
 epub logo pdf icon mobi fb2 lit-icon txt

Едно от най-успешните издания на Европа Директно – Стара Загора, създадено от колегите ни от Мадрид, също се нуждаеше от промяна, за да влезе в крак с новите условия. Отново с помощта на Европа Директно – Мадрид, екипът ни обнови „Познавате ли природата на Европейския съюз?" и я предоставя за свободен достъп за всички електронни четци. Приятно забавление! Изтеглете книгата в различни формати за електронни устройства:

 epub logo pdf icon mobi fb2 lit-icon txt

Европа Директно Стара Загора - дейност, мисия, функции

Работа в Европа

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