The aim is to get to know each other’s customs, traditions, ways of living. We consider that we are all European citizens but we still need to know our different customs and traditions, and learn from all of them, because our diverse cultures make Europe a richer Community.

The idea is that the participating students present their towns and regions to the others, showing a bit of history, customs and traditions, gastronomy and what they consider interesting to get to know the people from the area they come from or the area they live in. This should be done in several foreign languages, since in Europe there are a lot of languages, and using them our participants can practise the foreign languages they are learning or have learnt and want to practise.

The language used would be English, German, Italian, French or Spanish.

*Our institution: *The EOI A Coruña is located in the north west of Spain in a town called A Coruña, which belongs to an autonomous region called Galicia.*The EOI A Coruña* (National Language School) is an institution dedicated to teach and learn languages, so we are constantly in touch with other cultures but want to learn more form real people. At present we teach English, French, German, Italian, Arabic, Russian, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Gallician and Spanish for foreigners.

*Contact person*: Susana Aldao

Phone number: +34 677618799