This idea wants to join European schools in a cinematographic project to show differents aspects of the Euroepan culture. In this film, the schools will have to work in the typical aspects of a film: storyboard, screenplay, soundtrack... The plot will use, like the key point of the film, the popular monuments and sites, and it will mention famous related to the culture of each country (writers, painters...). In this way, pupils grow their the knowledges about a lot of European countries.



a)     Cultural exchange between the pupils, parents and teachers involved in the project, promoting the communication between different countries y and finding the beauty in the cultural exchange. It will opens the doors to the new educational system  to become Europe in a continent connected like only one country.

b)     Understand English is the basic language in Europe. The pupils will learn English in a real situation using it in a lot of differents activities involved in the film.

c)      The use of the new technologies. This kind of education is essencial  in the learning nowaday.

d)     Communication between pupils, parents and teacher. in English.



a)     Select the culture elements from each country will appear in the film.

b)     Write the screenplay in English.

c)      Compose the soundtrack.

d)     Draw the storyboard.

e)     Edit the film.

f)       Write the subtitles.

g)     Design the DVD cover.

h)     Create a Comenius Corner.

i)       Design a pet.


For futher information contact:
Manuel Canteras