Partner search request within the framework of Europe for citizens Programme – Measure 3, support for project initiated by civil society organisations.

The Volunteering Support Centres (CSV) of Monza and Brianza looks for partners in Europe for the project “EXCHANGES OF EXPERIENCE BETWEEN EUROPEAN COUNTRIES ON THE SYSTEM OF POLICIES FOR EMPLOYABILITY  YOUTH”, in order to participate in the next call for proposal of the Programme (deadline 1st february 2013).


The Volunteering Support Centres (CSV) of Monza and Brianza (Lombardy, Italy) is an independent and democratic set up, led and participated by volunteers of the province of Monza and Brianza.

It promotes and supports volunteering through advocacy, knowledge sharing and capacity building & training, produces services, interventions, support and development for organizations and the world of solidarity.

General objective of the Project is to build a stable system of partnership and cooperation between the various parties that contribute locally to produce, define, regulate and promote the conditions of employability of young people.
Specific activities are:
  • Planning orientation activities to volunteer;
  • exchange of volunteer experiences in associations;
  • production of a shared repertoire of skills acquired through volunteer experiences;
  • production of methodologies and tools to report and enhance the experiences;
  • production and manage of a card for the validation of skills acquired by students;
  • organization of trade exhibitions and conferences in the various countries involved in the project in order to develop replicable models.

The project will last about 12 months.
The deadline for the partner search is 23rd January 2012.

We ask you to be so kind to disseminate the partner search among your local and regional contacts (Schools, Not for profit and volunteer organizations).

For further information and contacts:

Mrs. Federica Cazzaniga
Centro Servizi per il Volontariato M&B
Via Correggio 59
Monza – Italy
Tel.: (+39) 39.2848308