The state financed school CC LA FLOTA MURCIA is located in one of the urban growing areas from Murcia and it has an easy access to the main places in the city, thanks to the inter-city buses, the tram and so on. Moreover, this area is equipped with some facilities which make the area really comfortable like sport centres, parks, medical centers, state schools, hotels and all kind of businesses.

Our center´s students belong to a medium-high socioeconomic level. Thus, they have adequate resources to develop their learning skills. This center has also a daycare center, a sport hall, a dining hall, a library, a laboratory, a computer classroom, a music classroom, a plastic art and technology classroom, a speech therapy classroom and a psychologist´s consulting department.

In regards to extracurricular activities our center offers classes based on English, French, music, computing, judo, arts, a support classroom for homework, and a rhythmic gymnastics.

As far as educational levels are concerned, schooling is available in our center until 4th of E.S.O. We have two classrooms for each level in pre-school education, and until the fourth year of primary education. These levels are bilingual. We are also supposed to have high school graduate in a near future.

It should be pointed out that our school is working really hard to introduce the English language as part of our daily life. That is the reason why all our students are studying for the international Trinity exams. We also organize trips to the USA and Great Britain in order to improve their English language and culture. Even the teachers are constantly studying and improving the language.

Our "cultural week" is devoted to a different topic every year. We also take into account our pupil's communicative skills such as presentations and debates.

In order to develop the education in moral (ethical) values we do participate with different associations such as Caritas and Unicef, doing supportive markets, delivering food and money to these associations and so on.

Name of the project: "SHARING OUR CULTURE"


Our main aim is expanding frontiers through the inter-relationship with international centers and thanks to the use of the English language, our students could share their experiences and curiosities with other international students.

Our project wants to show all about our culture in the city and our wonderful region, Murcia: town, traditions, gastronomy, typical dresses, art, music, climate etc. Our students are also really interested in sharing all this.

The development of this project will help to appreciate and become aware of the importance of Comenius in order to develop a lot of values and capacities which they were not used to experiment.  On balance, the aim of this exchange will be improving the quality of education.



C/ Músico Antonio Rodríguez de Hita, 9

C.P: 30007, Murcia.

Telephone number: 968 96 74 80

Fax: 868 93 10 45


Mª Amparo Herreros Chamón.