Romanian Association of Sociology (ASR) is a non-governmental organization engaged since 1990 - the year that was founded - sociologists community support activities in Romania. ASR had a special role in the development of projects with academic, research, publishing etc.
Between ASR notable achievements include the establishment and operation of their support departments of sociology and social work at universities in Romania, to support sociological research scientific community in Romania, Romanian Sociology magazine editing and publishing the most important publication Romanian sociologists community.

In over 20 years of activity ASR organized numerous national and international conferences attended by academics from Romania and abroad, representatives of various NGOs, political and business environment. Support and involvement in research on various topics of interest for the Romanian society, conducting workshops and information sessions are other activities by members of  association.

Also developed joint research programs with global institutions (UNICEF, UNDP, World Bank), then the integration in EU programs. Participation in congresses and conferences has grown over time, and develop partnerships in research programs with colleagues from other countries.
An important part of the Association's members are teachers, researchers with extensive experience in teaching, in scientific research, the development of training doctoral and post-doctoral etc.

ASR has a modern where there is a possibility of organizing conferences, information, workshops, research. For the work of the association are used modern equipment. ASR has a direct collaboration with prestigious institutes of the Romanian Academy Research Institute for Quality of Life, Institute of Sociology, Romanian Social Institute. Most scientists who work in these institutions and are active members of ASR and frequently performing activities within the association.

Proposed activities: quantitative research on nationally representative samples or different categories of population (national minority school population, population, unemployment and so on), qualitative research (interviews, organizing focus groups topics of interest), information sessions, conferences, workshops, press conferences, development of guides of good practice, development and maintenance of specialized sites etc.

ASR has capacity expertise areas: quality of life, living standard, consumption, employment and unemployment, minority rights, education policies, culture and values, welfare, health.
Project team members: sociology, social work specialists, economists.

House of the Romanian Academy
13 September 13th, Floor 2
05071 Bucharest, Romania

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