We are happy to announce that the deadline for sending entries to the competition "The European Parliament: Why should I care?" has been extended until 11 April 2013. This provides more time to voice your opinions (positive or negative) and share with us your ideas about the significance of the European Parliament.

Are you enthusiastic about the EP and plan to vote in the next European elections? Tell us why! Are you frustrated with the European Parliament? We want to know the reasons! Are you concerned about the EP? Let us know! Do you have ideas about how to improve participation in EP elections and make the Parliament more salient and relevant to its European citizens? Your opinion matters to us!

If you are between 16 and 30 of age and come from one of the EU Member States or Croatia, this competition is made for YOU! Write, sing, paint, dance, make a video or use any other creative ways to express your sentiments and thoughts on the European Parliament. Your entry now can make a difference for the future! Take action!

Twenty winning participants will be awarded a trip to Brussels, where they will have the chance to present their successful entries, learn more about the EU institutions, and exchange ideas with EU decision makers and like-minded young Europeans. The future is in your hands - the hands of the young generation of European citizens: don't be passive but help to shape your future!

More information about the competition and how to apply can be found on the EPC website: http://www.epc.eu/prog_forum.php?forum_id=30&prog_id=1 or our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ep.competition.