Call for applications

Applications deadline: Thursday, 13 February 2014

What is HRTP?
This 4/5-week managerial programme in Japan provides an outstanding opportunity for EU companies to acquire within a short time an integrated in-depth view of Japanese industrial structure and business practices.
“HRTP – Japan Industry Insight” programme is targeted at EU managers who have a major role in defining and implementing their company's policies in relation to Japan, or who are to be transferred to Japan, or who wish to be kept informed about management practices in Japan.
Open to all-sized companies, the next course will include: lectures on Japanese history, economy, politics and legal matters; joint seminars with Japanese business people (with role-play exercises about decision-making, team management and negotiation); Japanese language course, field trips and optional individual company visits.

Programme dates: From 12 May to 6 June (or 13 June) 2014
Applications deadline:
Thursday, 13 February 2014
Costs: For the first four weeks of the programme, the EU-Japan Centre will cover costs relating to tuition, travel costs for visits, interpretation, etc.
The participants' companies will have to cover travel costs to/from Japan, accommodation and any other costs not covered directly by the EU-Japan Centre.

More details are available on our website: or please contact Céline Godart at: