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Avoid fines imposed by the European Court of Justice by complying with the rules laid down in the Services Directive. Several Member States have gotten into conflict with the Commission over the non-implementation of the directive and some were taken to Court. Rulings of infringement can lead to unnecessary and avoidable high penalty payments. Blending analysis with practical examples and solutions, this seminar facilitates your compliance with the rules.

What is the issue?
The Services Directive facilitates the establishment of a business in your own or a foreign Member State, and promotes the cross-border provision of services. It obliges public administrations to simplify rules and procedures, and to abolish all discriminatory requirements. Placed high on the European Commission, it is applying a ‘zero tolerance’ policy in cases of infringement of the Services Directive rules. 

Who is involved?
The Services Directive covers an extremely broad range of activities: business services, construction, manufacturing, real estate, transport, wholesale and retail, education, entertainment, health and social services, network services, public administrations and tourism. Administrations at national, regional and local level are all affected by the new European requirements on services.

What do we offer?
This seminar will enable you to understand and comply with the Services Package requirements, to become acquainted with its scope and interpretation, and to avoid unnecessary conflicts and even pecuniary fines stemming from Court cases.

First of all, we will present a general overview of the Services Directive and the new approaches of the European Commission and the Court of Justice of the EU. There will be a comprehensive and comparative analysis of mutual evaluations and performance checks, which will help participants to deal with challenges of the full implementation of the Directive, to exchange best practices, and to prepare for foreseen reforms. We will discuss your everyday questions and compare solutions in different countries. An examination of the Point of Single Contact and the IMI system will enlighten its benefits and challenges. By being aware of the latest jurisprudence of the Court, you will be able to identify and prevent potential violations of the Services Directive.

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