The “Maison Familiale Rurale” (mfr) of La Capelle (France 02260) a town of one thousand eight hundred and seventy-seven inhabitants, is located in the heart of Thiérache, department of Aisne, Picardy. The school was created for the children of families who came generally from the agricultural sector.

Search for partnership in the framework of the European Programme Leonardo Da Vinci.
In the context of working on European mobility, the “Maison Familiale Rurale” (mfr) located in La Capelle (France - 02260), is looking for partners (schools, training supervisors, families) to achieve a European internship concerning 25 students in caring professions over a period of 4 weeks (October November 2013).

The European internship
·       Duration: 4 weeks with 28H per week
·       Learners concerned by the European internship: students in their final year before Bachelor in caring professions. Young people from 16 to 21 years old. All these students have a professional experience in France about 40 weeks of internship in structures such as retirement homes, hospitals, nurseries, day care centres, schools, institutions for people with disabilities, home help services, cultural centres, Community Centres for Social Action (CCAS)...
·       Structures searched for the European internship are above-named.

What are the reasons for the “Maison Familiale Rurale” (mfr) to extend this mission for alternating?

Encouraging young people to mobility is also:
·       helping them to find the way of employability
·       having a constructive reflection on their orientation
·       Promoting responsibility, self-esteem and self-confidence
·       Developing their autonomy
·       Encouraging them to have new skills and experiences to add in the work requirement

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