Revista Debater a Europa – n.º14
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Debater a Europa is a journal with peer-reviewed research studies and pending indexation (http://europe-direct-aveiro.aeva.eu/debatereuropa/). The journal is affiliated to the Centro de Informação Europe Direct in Aveiro (Aveiro Europe Direct Information Center) and to the Centro de Estudos Interdisciplinares do Século XX da Universidade de Coimbra – CEIS20 (Center for Interdisciplinary Studies of the Twentieth Century, University of Coimbra - CEIS20), with support from the Gabinete em Portugal do Parlamento Europeu (European Parliament Office in Portugal) and the Representação da Comissão Europeia em Portugal (European Commission Representation in Portugal).

The editorial team, João Rui Pita and Ana Leonor Pereira, is preparing the forthcoming issue, number 14, which will be devoted to the theme “Europe, pharmacy, medicines.”


Medicines and pharmaceutical activity are indispensable to modern society. Medicines derive from scientific and technological innovation and are produced by pharmaceutical industries that are, generally, multinational corporations. Notwithstanding the existing global tendencies, in the European Union there are specificities concerning medicines. They are bound to legal and ethical standards. Some research and commercialization policies relate to health policies. The pharmaceutical profession endows an intense professional responsibility. Despite their clinical and scientific features, medicines have a strong social aspect. In the contemporary world one has to consider new areas, such as, genetics, biotechnology and others relating to medicines. These new paths represent important scientific, technological, legal, economical challenges and above all private, public and social health challenges.
The forthcoming issue of the journal Debater a Europa is devoted to the theme: “Europe, pharmacy, medicines.” In accordance with journal’s scope, we will accept studies regarding XX-XXI century medicines, European pharmacy and studies on individual state member reality. We will accept articles that analyze the historical, social, economic, legal and ethical context of medicines in accordance with the following guidelines:
1.      Twentieth century history of pharmacy and medicines in European Union countries.
2.      History and sociology of pharmacies, pharmaceutical industries, medicines, patents, publicity, etc.
3.      The social function of the pharmaceutical professions and medicines
4.      Pharmaceutical research: tradition and innovation
5.      Pharmaceutical industries, production and medicine globalization
6.      Dispensing medicines: legal, ethical, social and economic aspects
7.      New scientific, technological, political and other challenges associated with medicines in the European context

Debater a Europa journal invites authors to submit original articles or essay reviews in conformity with the proposed thematic areas.
Authors who wish to submit an original article or an essay review for potential publication must send their manuscript, via e-mail, to  until 31 October 2015.
Authors submitting original articles must refer the thematic area in which they are included.
The submitted articles must be original, not published, accepted for publication or under review elsewhere. Authors may present their manuscripts in Portuguese, English, Spanish or French. Manuscripts should have a maximum length of 35 pages, including notes and bibliography, and must include an abstract (around 100 words), and 5 keywords with their respective translations into English. They must be written in 12-point Times New Roman separated with an interlinear space of 1.5.
Citations and final bibliography must be in accordance with the Norma Portuguesa 405-1(1994). In:

Articles that do not meet the requirements will not be accepted.


Deadline to submit articles: 31 October 2015
Communication of acceptance of papers: 30 November 2015

Електронната книга „Европейски приказки под липите" е второ допълнено издание. Първата версия е създадена в рамките на EUROWEEK 2010 STARA ZAGORA. Изтеглете книгата в различни формати за електронни устройства:
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Едно от най-успешните издания на Европа Директно – Стара Загора, създадено от колегите ни от Мадрид, също се нуждаеше от промяна, за да влезе в крак с новите условия. Отново с помощта на Европа Директно – Мадрид, екипът ни обнови „Познавате ли природата на Европейския съюз?" и я предоставя за свободен достъп за всички електронни четци. Приятно забавление! Изтеглете книгата в различни формати за електронни устройства:

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Европа Директно Стара Загора - дейност, мисия, функции

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