The call was published on 18/12/2020 on the website of the Municipality of Naples, promoted by
the Department of Culture and the Department of Sport.

The notice of the Call will be available in Italian and English on the Institutional website for forty-five days (Deadline: 02/02/2021, h 12.00), with the aim to involve artists from all over the world. The submitted projects will be evaluated by a Committee, appointed by the two Departments and made up of authoritative citizens of the art and culture sector and representatives of the world of sport and supporters. The work will be financed through a donation- based crowdfunding: a bank account will be made available by the Municipal Administration so anyone will be able to donate and the sculpture will belong forever to the Neapolitan people.

Here is the link:

"Diego allowed us to touch the sky, he gave us unforgettable dreams, giving back to our city the dignity and pride that had been stolen from us for too many years. He contributed to the affirmation of the less fortunate, not only by giving sports victories to the city, but by showing generosity to those in needs. For this reason the work of
art that will celebrate his achievements will be selected in the most democratic and participated way, involving the city, authoritative exponents of the world of culture and sport, but also those who loved and accompanied him during the Neapolitan years and those who keep holding high the flag of a collective dream. "This is the declaration
of the Mayor Luigi de Magistris and the Councilors Eleonora De Majo and Ciro Borriello.


Staff Europe Direct Napoli